Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

As business becomes increasingly dependent on information and the technologies to store and process that information, the financial and other risks associated with data or application unavailability are increasing like never before. A few minutes of outage has the potential to wipe off millions of dollars, lose thousands of customers, invite billions worth of lawsuits and total loss of repute. The ability of a business to recover from a disaster or better still continue despite a disaster is the ultimate test of IT resilience. 

SKY 7delivers comprehensive DR and BC solutions based on various technologies such as EMC, Symantec, HP, Sun, Cisco, Oracle and Microsoft. Our business resilience consultants run your entire IT setup through a comprehensive analysis including business value of each application, RPO and RTO needed by each strategic business unit, designing of a solution, evolution and implementation of an incident management strategy, and post implementation SLA based support.

Case Study :
A leading Bank needed a three site Business Continuity plan for some of their critical applications. The challenge was that they were already using multiple technologies for independent applications. More importantly all applications were live and there was no possibility of any downtime. We were entrusted the task of designing, commissioning and maintaining the entire solution. 

We studied the applications from their business impact perspective and arrived at a solution using a combination of technologies as required by the RPO and RTO for each application. We used Symantec Foundation Suite and Volume Replicator for replication, HP and EMC storage at the three sites. The architecture was such that all three sites replicated to each other and in the event of failure, the applications would failover to the nearest available site. The whole solution was deployed in record time and without a single minute of downtime.