WAN Optimization

Today most organizations have taken the server consolidation approach & are hosting mission critical applications at their Central Data Center. Whilst this approach has innumerable management benefits, some basic issues like WAN Bandwidth need to be addressed to ensure high employee productivity & good application performance.

Accessing applications, sharing files and folders over WAN slows down the overall performance. It is natural that organizations opt for expanding their WAN Bandwidth which results in increased recurring costs. Increasing bandwidth alone is not a solution. In most cases, data traversing over WAN is repetitive in nature. Normal TCP (connection oriented & Link unaware protocol) flow also consumes huge bandwidth.

Consultants at SKY 7 are experts in TCP-IP technology and understand bandwidth management concepts very well. Our experts conduct in-depth study of customer network, traffic flow and design appropriate solutions.

Our WAN optimization solutions in partnership with industry leaders have integrated features like Caching, Flow control, Compression, COS, and bandwidth management. We guarantee performance acceleration of any TCP-based application delivered across a WAN.

CALL us immediately to increase your employee productivity & to provide LAN like performance for all enterprise applications over WAN.