Home Automation & System Integration

Our philosophy is to make home technology simple to use and eliminate the components from sight, therefore not competing with the intended beauty of the home. 

Your home is a uniquely personal space, in which technology can offer protection, set a mood, and entertain with security, lighting controls, motorized window treatments, and distributed Audio/Video. 

SKY 7 designed systems, integrates and manages it all for you simplifying usage and intelligently saving energy in the process. When systems are properly designed and effectively controlled, incredible things can happen. 

Imagine retiring for the evening by simply pressing one button on a small table top controller sitting on your bedside table. This controller will automatically turn on the security system, set back all HVAC thermostats to a desired sleeping temperature, close all motorized window treatments and turn off desired interior and exterior lighting. 

That is the convenient power of a properly designed automation system. A truly unique experience and the possibilities are practically limitless. Let SKY 7 help design a system that fits right into your home/office and offers you simple and total control of all your entertainment, comfort and security systems.


  • Security and Protection
  • Audio/Video
  • Motorized Window Treatments
  • Lighting Control
  • Communications & Networks
  • Automation & System Integration


  • Intrustion Detection
  • Fire
  • Access Control
  • Surveillance