Enterprise Backup and Archive

As business becomes increasingly information centric, value of data is spiraling upwards. Risks associated with data loss and the probabilities of such loss are increasing like never before for a myriad of reasons including IT complexity, lack of sufficient controls, security breaches, sabotage and so on. Worldwide statistics suggest that the impact of a data loss is worth the square of the intrinsic value of that data. In such situations, backup of data becomes one of the most critical elements. And to make the situations worse, the time available for backup keeps reducing all the time due to both increase in data and the increasing global nature of business. This is where an efficient backup and archival solution helps in reducing the backup windows, reducing cost of backup, increasing reliability of the backup and ensuring regulatory compliances. 

SKY 7 delivers the best of class comprehensive backup and archival solutions revolving around leading edge technologies from EMC, Symantec, HP and Sun. Our solution architects go through a detailed drill starting with advisory services for backup, information audit and classification, evolving backup policies, sizing the backup solution, component selection, implementation of the solution and post implementation SLA based support.