VoIP & IP Telephony

You always thought that your existing IP infrastructure has given you a good Return on Investment (ROI) pertaining to its stability, scalability, robustness and to some extent a decent level of reliability. Did you ever think that your existing infrastructure would actually take care of the entire communication of your organization no matter how long the distances are? The answer is yes. As precursors to unified communications, IP telephony solutions can enable your organization to streamline business processes and reduce costs. IP telephony is integrated in your existing IP infrastructure in such a way so as to create a workspace in which communications users can choose how and when to be connected and be available. 

We offer IP Telphony solutions that include:

  • Voice infrastructure centrally managed, controlled and owned by your organization with zero additional usage cost.
  • Voice conferencing across multiple locations which can be your offices in various places, or your employees connecting from various internet enabled locations.
  • IP Soft Phones providing an efficient portable nature of the technology.
  • Voicemail features integrated with existing e-mail solutions.
  • Wide variety of deployment measures adaptive to your organization’s needs.
  • Management softwares ensure the efficient and effective use of the deployed network. 

Convergence – the bringing together of voice and data networks for directories, authentication, call control, and the integration of business workflow and processes – is the cornerstone of a new set of requirements for the next generation branch office that will change your business significantly. We urge you to understand the power of your network and allow us to showcase how much more productive can we make it for you with a strong emphasis on security, scalability and reliability.