Unified Communications

Communications in your organization happens over emails, data transfer, mobile phones, application databases and in-person interaction. Unified communications can help you address these challenges of increasingly complex environments and increasingly mobile workers using a mix and match of these communication mediums from distant locations. 

Unified communications combines your voice, video and data needs across a common IP infrastructure. The unified network works in a variety of locations, whether from office desks, in conference rooms, at airports, hotels or vehicles. The implication usually involves a voice conference between your employees spread across distant locations sharing the live streaming video images, instant messaging for catering immediate needs, Voicemail receiving on your PDA via email for those moments when you’re not at your desk, and effectively everything that ensures your employees are reachable at all the times. 

We offer Unified Communications solutions that include:

  • IP Telephony solutions for inter-office voice services, intra-office voice services, teleconferences, voice over wireless handheld devices, voice at the move.
  • Video offerings for one-to-one kiosk setup meeting, video conferencing, and video on demand empowering your employees to have better time management.
  • Microsoft Exchange server enhanced to receive voicemails, cater to instant messaging needs.
  • Ensuring zero downtime for existing IP infrastructure in your organization with the facilitation of including the unified communications aspects as per your needs. 

Unified communications solutions can save time and help control costs, while improving productivity and competitiveness. We ensure that integrating unified communications systems with your existing IP infrastructure will provide a substantial return on investment (ROI) and a reduced total cost of ownership.