Regulatory Compliance

With businesses becoming increasingly information centric, the value of data is growing exponentially. While technology provides the cutting edge to business like never before, the flip side of the same technology is the increased threats of misuse of the information. Since data is the most malleable element in the entire business process, tweaking with data for various motives becomes seductively appealing. And availability of technology makes the goal even more attainable. For ensuring authenticity of data and protecting credibility of businesses, organizations world over have developed a set of regulatory compliance norms. Many businesses require a strict compliance to these regulatory guidelines. 

SKY 7 makes it surprisingly easy to introduce compliance policies in your existing IT infrastructure. We deliver compliance related solutions using various leading technologies such as RSA, EMC, HP, Symantec, Cisco and others. We assist in understanding the regulatory norms as applicable to your businesses and help in ushering compliances practices as required. Needless to say, SKY 7 provides a comprehensive solution from designing to implementation to post implementation SLA based support.